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Workplace Health & Safety Solutions

Choose Spark Safety for award-winning, comprehensive, health and safety solutions customized to your workplace.

At Spark Safety Solutions, we bring safety to life

Choose from a wide range of on-site safety staffing services, in-class and online training and customized consulting services — including industry-leading electrical safety workplace training and consulting.

For compliance and employee safety, employers are responsible for creating occupational health and safety policies and continuously improving health and safety programs. However, it takes time and expertise to design and implement an effective health and safety program.

Whether you need to update an existing program or build a new one, Spark Safety Solutions’ team of experts is here to help. 

When workplace safety incidents occur, get help from Spark Safety

No company plans for an incident. However, even at workplaces where safety is a priority, incidents do occur. 

If you’ve experienced an incident at your workplace, Spark Safety’s experienced incident investigators can help your organization: 

If your workplace is found to be in violation of the act or regulations, an inspector may issue an order for compliance or charge your company with a fine.

Spark Safety’s team of experienced consultants is here to help you act quickly and correctly in response to regulatory orders and charges.

Creating a management system that aligns with global standards is a great way to promote safety in the workplace and protect your workers. 

Spark Safety Solution’s team of experienced and certified consultants have experience with implementing and auditing various management systems including, ISO 45001 and COR™

Audits are the proactive way to ensure health & safety legislative compliance.

Do you know where your company stands when it comes to compliance with occupational health and safety laws and regulations?
Spark Safety consultants have many years of experience assessing safety compliance in the workplace. Rely on our safety legislation expertise and ensure your company is compliant.

To stay compliant and keep the workplace healthy and safe for everyone, your company is required to manage multiple policies, procedures, programs and general safety protocols. 

Our health and safety management consultants have experience with companies large and small across a wide variety of industry sectors, including construction, manufacturing, farming, food production, packaging, distribution and many more.

ISO 45001 is a leading international standard for occupational health and safety management systems, developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). 

ISO 45001 uses a risk-based approach to provide a safe working environment for workers in all industries, no matter the company size. It encourages companies to be proactive with their prevention by implementing identification activities and processes to protect workers and meet legal requirements.

The Certificate of Recognition (COR™) program is designed to accredit companies who have fully implemented an occupational health and safety program that meets the COR™ outlined national standards. 

Because COR™ is designed to reduce incidents, accidents and injuries in the workplace, it is now commonly seen as a pre-qualifying and/or condition of contract for projects across Canada. The COR™ program demonstrates your company has a higher standard of due diligence and an advantage when bidding for project work, specifically in the construction industry.

Need a Customized Solution?

Choose Spark Safety for award-winning, comprehensive, health and safety solutions customized to your workplace. 

Talk to us about your OSHA and electrical safety needs, and we can assist in building a specific solution for you. 

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