Certificate of Recognition (COR™)

Let Spark Safety help you build and implement a safety program that meets the requirements for COR, proving that your company has a higher standard of health and safety in your workplace.


What We Do

Get an advantage with COR™ Accreditation

The Certificate of Recognition (COR™) program is designed to accredit companies who have fully implemented an occupational health and safety program that meets the COR™ outlined national standards. 

Because COR™ is designed to reduce incidents, accidents and injuries in the workplace, it is now commonly seen as a pre-qualifying and/or condition of contract for projects across Canada. The COR™ program demonstrates your company has a higher standard of due diligence and an advantage when bidding for project work, specifically in the construction industry.

Spark Safety can help your company meet COR™ program goals by delivering the following services:

Gap Analysis and COR ™ Program Development

Spark Safety can help you build and implement a safety program that meets the requirements for the Certificate of Recognition (COR) program. 

By aligning with COR ™, your company will have a proven track record and higher standard of health and safety in your workplace.

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COR™ Program Implementation

There are many steps to implementing a COR™ program: – Conducting thorough risk assessment and Job – Hazard Analysis. – Developing/updating policies, procedures, and – Safe Work Procedures based on COR™ standards – Ensuring comprehensive training and record management of employees. – Performing regular site inspections to ensure everything is in compliance. – Interviewing managers and workers to check their levels of understanding of the program. – Preparing health and safety policies and procedures, and corresponding forms. – Constant maintenance and monitoring. – Organizing vital documents and records. – Setting and following strict project timelines. Spark Safety experts will help up map out an implement all aspects of your COR™ program.

Internal Audit Assistance

Once the training is complete, the employer is required to conduct an internal audit of their HSMS using an approved COR™ Audit Tool. The internal audit is reviewed by issuing authority, and is then followed up with an external audit. Upon successful completion of the internal and external audits, the employer is issued the Certificate of Recognition. The employer is required to conduct and successfully complete annual internal audits for each of the next two years using the COR™ Audit Tool in order to receive a Letter of Good Standing for years two and three. We can help you prepare internally for your audit with out experience consultants.

Joint Health and Safety Committee
Maintenance and Monitoring

COR™ is valid for 3 years from the date of issue, if all maintenance requirements are met. To maintain a COR™, you must do a maintenance audit in each of the 2 calendar years after your certification audit. Maintenance audits must be done by a qualified auditor, recognized by your Certifying Partner. The auditor can be internal to the organization, or external. Our experienced consultants will help you monitor and maintain your program, and help lead your maintenance audits.