Health and Safety Management Systems

Need help implementing or auditing a standard-based health and safety management system? Get help from Spark Safety.

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Implement or Audit Your Health & Safety Management System

Creating a management system that aligns with global standards is a great way to promote safety in the workplace and protect your workers. 

Spark Safety Solution’s team of experienced and certified consultants have experience with implementing and auditing various management systems including, but not limited to:

Management System Implementation Support

Spark Safety’s team of qualified consultants can assist in the implementation and alignment of your system to the desired management system. 

Within the implementation process we will ensure that your program aligns with the management system criteria. 

Through process development, procedural guidance and document review and control, we can help your company ensure compliance with your desired management system.

Safety Harness Hook Attaching

Health & Safety Management System Auditing

Spark Safety’s team has deep experience auditing a range of health and safety management systems. One or a team of our consultants will visit your site and work with your existing occupational health and safety program to apply the auditing criteria specific to your chosen management system. We’ll help you ensure your program is aligned to all related criteria and requirements.