Legislative Compliance Audits

Is your workplace compliant with local health and safety laws and regulations? Talk to Spark Safety about how a legislative compliance audit can help ensure your company is compliant.

Let us help you be proactive

Audits are the proactive way to ensure health & safety legislative compliance

Do you know where your company stands when it comes to compliance with occupational health and safety laws and regulations?

Spark Safety consultants have many years of experience assessing safety compliance in the workplace. Rely on our safety legislation expertise and ensure your company is compliant.

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How a Legislative Compliance Audit Works

A legislative compliance audit is more than just a review of your health and safety program. 

When we run a legal compliance audit, your Spark Safety consultant(s) review safety “in action” in your workplace. Through site walkthroughs, operator interviews, workplace inspection and process observation, our auditors will review the full scope of safety in your workplace, much like an external compliance auditor would.

Your Health & Safety Compliance Audit Report

Your Spark Safety compliance auditor will generate a customized report detailing the audit findings. Our auditor is also available for report presentation to key stakeholders and upper level management. 

The report will not only outline the areas of non-compliance and compliance, but can also provide key recommendations for improvement and any cost-benefit analyses required for stakeholder buy-in.

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