Joint Health Safety Committee – Part 2 – (JHSC)

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What You'll Learn

This mandatory course provides participants with an understanding of how to recognize, assess and control workplace hazards, the rights and duties of certified members, and how to conduct effective workplace inspections and incident investigations.

Who Should Attend

Health and Safety Committee Members (including both worker and management representatives), Supervisors, Health and Safety Managers.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course the trainee should be able to:

  • Describe key concepts of part one training including the process of how to recognize, assess and control hazards, and evaluate the hazard controls
  • Apply recognition, assessment, control, and evaluation principles to each of the workplace hazard(s) selected for the training program
  • Create a draft action plan and recommendations for the employer on at least one hazard

Course Outline

  • Review material covered in Certification Part 1
  • Review hazard recognition, assessment, control and evaluation of control measures concept and process.
    • 6 Workplace key hazards specific to the sector
    • Workplaces hazards include:
    • Chemical hazards
    • Ergonomic and MusculoskeletalDisorder (MSDs) hazards
    • Psychosocial Hazards
    • Slips, trips and Falls
    • Material Handling Hazards
    • Workplace Violence and harassment

Group Training Discounts

Group Training Discount Discount
3-5 participants 10%
6-9 participants 15%
10+ participants 20%


  1.  Participants must be from the same organization.
  2. Participants must register for the same course.
    However, course dates and locations can vary.
  3. Registrations must be received by Spark Safety at
    the same time.

Legislative Reference

  • The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA)

Course Material

  • Participant manual
  • Hazard guides