Arc Flash Incident Energy Analysis Studies

If your employees operate equipment above 240 volts, you need to understand the arc flash hazards at your workplace. Spark Safety can help.

Understand Arc Flash Hazards at Your Workplace

By law every employer needs to identify workplace hazards and show that every reasonable precaution to protect the worker is met. An arc flash hazard is present in any workplace where employees operate electrical equipment above 240 volts.

All employers need to ensure that the significant changes published in the IEEE 1584: Guide for Performing Arc Flash Hazard Calculations, second edition, November 30, 2018 are managed.  

Arc Flash Incident Energy Analysis studies provide the necessary information about workplace hazards: arc flash incident energy levels, arc flash boundaries and limits, shock hazard analysis and PPE requirements.

Spark Safety can review your existing study and provide interpretive guidance as an effective way to maintain due diligence in protecting your workers from electrical hazards.

Spark Safety’s trained experts use the latest power system modelling software and our internal technical specification to complete an in-depth incident energy analysis evaluation of your facility’s electrical system. The results of the analysis are used to provide compliant equipment labels or results tables for reference by your Qualified Electrical Workers. A detailed report is also provided.


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