Electrical Safety Audit

Get assurance on where your electrical safety program, policies, procedures are compliant, and where you need improvements to keep workers safe. Talk to Spark Safety about electrical program and documentation audits

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Find out how your Electrical Safety Program measures up

Improve your systems and increase worker safety with an unbiased and expert third-party audit. 

Spark Safety’s validation and verification techniques are consistent with occupational health and safety external auditing criteria based on current industry standards, regulations, and occupational health and safety processes.

On-site Electrical Safety Audit

When you need validation of your electrical safety program, Spark Safety will conduct a complete audit based on:

  • A detailed walkthrough of your facility
  • Inspections and observations
  • Worker competency and knowledge interviews
  • Arc flash and shock PPE assessment
  • A review of your electrical safety program key policies and procedures 

Your Spark Safety consultant will provide a gap analysis report with recommendations for compliance and due diligence.

Electrical Safety Program Documentation Audit

Need validation that your electrical safety documentation is compliant? 

Spark Safety completes in-depth documentation reviews of electrical safety programs, policies and procedures. 

Your audit consultant will provide a detailed report of the current status of your Electrical Safety Program with regard to accuracy, workplace relevance and industry compliance.


Let us train your safety expert

Internal Safety Audits

Using the same methodology as with our external electrical safety audit, Spark Safety’s experts will teach your internal staff how to conduct an annual internal audit of your electrical safety program.