Electrical Safety Program in a Box

We developed a complete, fully-compliant off-the-shelf program to ensure your workplace aligns with all applicable standards and regulations.

Get Compliant

What is Program in a Box?

This is a licensed, templated program solution comprised of several documents and resources, which as a complete package will provide a fully-compliant and up to date Electrical Safety Program (ESP).

The “Program in a Box” description relates to the self-directed, self-adapted method upon which your company will manage the implementation of the ESP within their existing Management System.

What is Included?

Building Your Personalized Electrical Safety Program (ESP)

Fully-compliant ESP documentation

A-Z toolbox of resources: field-level, technical and management forms, flowcharts and reference materials

Just add your brand!

Your Off-The-Shelf Solution

The “Program in a Box” includes instructions for a complete do-it-yourself project. 

The ESP documents are provided in their native formats for customization by your company following a step-by-step implementation guide. As provided, the ESP will compliment an existing Occupational Health & Safety Management System or remain effective as a standalone safety management system for electrical hazards.

Electrical Safety Program in a Box 1

Who Benefits from an Electrical Safety Program?

  • If you don’t currently have an ESP
    • Follow the provided instructions
    • Customize the documentation
    • Implement the program
    • Train your workers
    • Audit for results
  • If you have an ESP that is overdue for an internal audit
    • Use the provided resources to perform a document audit gap analysis
    • Use the licensed documentation to immediately remedy identified gaps.
  • If you’re interested in updating and improving your ESP
    • Easily review and adopt sections of the Spark Safety Electrical Safety Program, such as:
      • Roles & Responsibilities
      • Hazard Identification
      • Risk Assessment & Controls
      • PPE management
      • Training Matrix
      • Supporting appendices, forms, flowcharts, etc.

Electrical Safety Program – Why You Need It

  • Effective due diligence against Occupational Health & Safety Codes, Acts and Regulations in Canada and the United States is the development and implementation of a Safety Management System that allows for identification of hazards, quantification of hazard and risk and implementation of appropriate preventive and protective control measures to mitigate or reduce risk to workers. For electrical hazards this management system is called an Electrical Safety Program.
  • By ensuring you have a comprehensive Electrical Safety Program consistent with accepted Occupational Health & Safety Management System standards and industry best practice standards you will maximize your due diligence with respect to management of the electrical hazards of arc flash & shock.