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OHS consulting, training and on-site safety for when you need to be absolutely certain about workplace safety

Workplace Health & Safety Solutions

Choose Spark Safety for award-winning, comprehensive, health and safety solutions customized to your workplace.

At Spark Safety Solutions, we bring safety to life

Choose from a wide range of on-site safety staffing services, in-class and online training and customized consulting services — including industry-leading electrical safety workplace training and consulting.

Let our health and safety professionals identify strengths and weaknesses in the management of health and safety at your workplace, so you know where you need to strengthen your programs.

Spark Safety’s experienced consultants are experts in safety program best practices, legislative acts, regulations, and other standards across industries. 

If your job requires a mask or respirator at any point of your work day, you should ensure the fit is tested and the seal will protect you in case of an emergency.

Fit Testing meets CSA Standard Z94.4 Respiratory Regulations that certifies N95, half mask and full face mask fit tests. To maintain compliance, you should have your mask fit tested prior to starting the job and every 1 to 2 years after.

Wherever in North America your worksite is located, Spark Safety can come to you. We bring safety inspection expertise to your workplace.

Workplace safety inspections prevent incidents, injuries and illnesses by identifying the underlying hazards that make workplaces unsafe.

In a worksite safety inspection, we look for hazards ranging from biological to chemical, ergonomic, physical and psychosocial.

Reduce workplace injuries and disorders with professional ergonomics consulting

Ergonomic risks in the workplace are often overlooked, but critical. Without proper setup of workstations and training, employees run the risk of acquiring musculoskeletal disorders over time.

Spark Safety can help you prevent the losses associated with these injuries, including costs to productivity, insurance claims and — importantly — long-term worker wellness.

Do you need to better understand the health and safety risks of specific jobs or processes at work? Then, you may need a Hazard and Risk Assessment.

While health and safety inspections and audits assess an entire workplace or a broad program, with a Hazard and Risk Assessment, we zero in on a specific aspect of work. 

Assessments focus on any individual or group of jobs, tasks and/or processes in your workplace. 

Spark Safety Solutions consultants have extensive, specialized experience with both individual assessments and assessments of entire work sites. 

Spark Safety advisors bridge the gap when you don’t have a permanent, full-time safety expert on-site.

Companies often need to bring in a dedicated “safety person” for specific projects — construction, for example. You may not need a permanent safety advisor, but you may need one on a contract basis.

Bringing in an on-site safety advisor also makes sense when your organization needs multiple safety services. Instead of hiring Spark Safety for separate projects (e.g. a safety program update, audit or assessment), you can bring in an advisor on a time-based contract.

Need a Customized Solution?

Choose Spark Safety for award-winning, comprehensive, health and safety solutions customized to your workplace. 

Talk to us about your OSHA and electrical safety needs, and we can assist in building a specific solution for you. 

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