Ergonomics Consulting Services

Improve your workplace ergonomics to protect the health and safety of employees, improve productivity. Get expert ergonomic assessments, training, policy and procedures development.

Reduce workplace injuries and disorders with professional ergonomics consulting

Ergonomic risks in the workplace are often overlooked, but critical. Without proper setup of workstations and training, employees run the risk of acquiring musculoskeletal disorders over time. 

Spark Safety can help you prevent the losses associated with these injuries, including costs to productivity, insurance claims and — importantly — long-term worker wellness.

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Ergonomics Services from Spark Safety

 Spark Safety’s ergonomics program gives you access to a fully embedded ergonomics consultant devoted to helping you set up an ergonomic workplace. 

Your on-site ergonomist(s) can be available to you anywhere from one to five days a week.

With Spark Safety’s Ergonomics support you will have first-hand access to our comprehensive ergonomics services including, but not limited to:

  •   Ergonomics Needs Assessment / Ergo Audit
  •   Ergonomics Assessments (i.e. PDDs, PDAs, Risk Assessments etc.)
  •   Office Ergonomics Assessments
  •   Ergonomics Tracking (i.e. assessment completion tracking, countermeasures, KPIs etc.)
  •   Ergonomics Training (i.e. Ergonomics in the workplace, office ergonomics, manual material handling etc.)
  •   Ergonomics Policy and Procedure Development

With on-site ergonomics support, you get direct access to ergonomics resources and guidance on developing a robust internal ergonomics program.

 Our in-house team of experienced ergonomists will become part of your team, prioritizing your needs and bringing ergonomics to life in your workplace.