Health and Safety Program Audits

Is your health and safety program meeting requirements and in compliance? Find out with a professional Spark Safety program audit.

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Have Your Worksite Health & Safety Program Professionally Audited

Wherever in North America your worksite is located, Spark Safety can bring a Health and Safety Program Audit to you. 

Let our health and safety professionals identify strengths and weaknesses in the management of health and safety at your workplace, so you know where you need to strengthen your programs.

Spark Safety’s experienced consultants are experts in safety program best practices, legislative acts, regulations, and other standards across industries. 

Regardless of the current state of your health and safety program, an audit by Spark Safety can identify gaps otherwise overlooked.

How Health & Safety Program Audits Work

With professional program auditing by Spark Safety, you can feel confident about meeting health and safety requirements. 

Our focus is on assessing your program against legislation and regulations and helping you understand what you need to do to close any program gaps.

There are three key phases to a Health and Safety Program Audit:

  1. Spark Safety reviews your documentation, interviews staff and tours the workplace
  2. You get a detailed report of audit findings and recommendations
  3. Spark Safety helps you develop an action plan for improving your health and safety program

Your Health & Safety Program Audit Report

Your Health and Safety Program Audit action plan, prepared by Spark Safety, will equip management to promote a safer, healthier work environment — and one that’s fully compliant.

In your report, we’ll identify program gaps by priority and recommend corrective actions.

Your Spark Safety consultant will present our findings back to your team and any key stakeholders, sharing recommendations for next steps.

What Comes After the Program Audit?

Think of your Health and Safety Program Audit as a diagnostic. It’s an analysis of the safety gaps, so you better understand the next steps to improve program compliance.

Common next steps can include:

  • New or improved employee safety training
  • Documenting standardized operating procedures
  • Hazard or risk assessments
  • And more

You may learn from the program audit that your workplace health and safety is fully compliant. With a professional audit, you can know for sure.

Improve your workplace health and safety with a Spark Safety program audit

Need more information or a custom quote for a Health and Safety Program Audit? Just reach out and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.