Workplace Safety Inspections

When you rely on Spark Safety for on-site workplace inspections, feel confident knowing you have an expert to identify health and safety hazards and recommend corrective action.

Flag risks before accidents or injuries occur with a professional worksite safety inspection


Wherever in North America your worksite is located, Spark Safety can come to you. We bring safety inspection expertise to your workplace.

Workplace safety inspections prevent incidents, injuries and illnesses by identifying the underlying hazards that make workplaces unsafe.

In a worksite safety inspection, we look for hazards ranging from biological to chemical, ergonomic, physical and psychosocial.

Spark Safety’s advisors are experienced at spotting risks that others miss. Safety is our focus all day, every day and we bring that total commitment to helping you identify, assess and mitigate risks.




We bring safety to life

Does your workplace need a safety inspection?

The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) requires employers across sectors to take every reasonable precaution to protect their workers. 

If you don’t have in-house safety expertise, bringing in a Spark Safety consultant can fill that gap and help you understand whether you’re meeting your OHSA obligations.

Workplace inspections are a great way to proactively identify the health and safety needs of workplaces across industries, including:

Every worksite should set out a schedule for how often you’ll conduct safety inspections  — both internal and inspections by professional third-party safety inspectors. 

The right inspection frequency for your worksite depends on legislation and the nature of your workplace. 

Not sure if you need a professional Workplace Safety Inspection? Contact us for a no-obligation call and we’ll give you our best advice for free.

How On-Site Safety Inspections Work

When you work with Spark Safety, one of our experienced consultants will come to your site, wherever you’re located in Canada or the US.

We’ll identify health and safety hazards by:

  • Thoroughly reviewing processes and standard operating procedures
  • Inspecting equipment, facilities and workplace setup
  • Speaking with management and employees to get first-hand insight into how your operations run

Your safety consultant will clarify any questions with you before preparing a thorough report and recommendations.

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Your Workplace Safety Inspection Report

A Workplace Safety Inspection report gives you an expert assessment of any hazards and a guideline for what thorough, professional inspections should include.

For each hazard, we’ll specify the recommended corrective action and indicate the urgency:

  • Major hazards (require immediate corrective action)
  • Moderate hazards (require short-term action)
  • Minor hazards (require long-term action)

Your Spark Safety consultant will present our findings back to your team and any key stakeholders, sharing recommendations for next steps.

What Comes After the Safety Inspection?

Think of your worksite safety assessment as a diagnostic. It’s an analysis of the safety gaps, so you better understand what programs or procedures your workplace needs to close those gaps, so you can be compliant.

Common next steps can include:

  • New or improved employee safety training
  • Documenting standardized operating procedures
  • Hazard or risk assessments
  • And more
You may learn from the safety inspection that your workplace already is compliant and you’re mitigating health and safety risks expertly. With an inspection, you can know for sure.

Get confidence when it comes to compliance with a Spark Safety worksite inspection

Need more information or a custom quote for a Workplace Safety Inspection? Just reach out and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.