Fit Testing

Airborne hazards in the workplace can have different effects. Short-term effects such as sneezing or more long term such as lung disease can occur from a poorly fitted mask or one not geared for the job. Each respirator or mask is matched to a specific hazard and can’t be used in all situations.

If your job requires a mask or respirator at any point of your work day, you should ensure the fit is tested and the seal will protect you in case of an emergency.

Fit Testing meets CSA Standard Z94.4 Respiratory Regulations that certifies N95, half mask and full face mask fit tests. To maintain compliance, you should have your mask fit tested prior to starting the job and every 1 to 2 years after.

Spark Safety does appointment-based fit-testing at our office, and we also provide on-site fit-testing at your location. For an on-site quote, please contact us.

During this session we will focus on the following:

  • proper respirator protection
  • appropriate mask for the workplace and job
  • inspection of the mask
  • mask fit and seal test
  • cleaning and appropriate storage of your mask.

Preparing for your test

  • Please do not smoke, eat, drink any liquids for at least 20 minutes prior to your fit test to ensure accurate fit
  • Please be clean shaven for testing period

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