Health & Safety Solutions

OHS consulting, training and on-site safety for when you need to be absolutely certain about workplace safety

Workplace Health & Safety Solutions

Choose Spark Safety for award-winning, comprehensive, health and safety solutions customized to your workplace.

At Spark Safety Solutions, we bring safety to life

Choose from a wide range of on-site safety staffing services, in-class and online training and customized consulting services — including industry-leading electrical safety workplace training and consulting.

On-Site safety includes assessments and other safety services at your workplace. It also includes out advisors working with you at your location as part of your team.

Incidents can occur anywhere at anytime – safe work practices and training are key to reducing the opportunity for incidents and promote accident prevention measures

Spark Safety can make your business a safer workplace by implementing day-to-day safe work practices – we bring safety to life.

From safety consulting and training to safety audits – from orders to comply to incident investigations – the Spark Safety team of experienced and professional safety consultants will collaborate with you to understand the current safety standards and legation, and help you identify solutions to meet today’s ever changing healthy and safety requirements. The integration of a comprehensive safety management system with your business minimizes operational risk and promotes a healthy and safe work environment for your employees 

We provide safety consulting services integrated with our workplace safety and training services or as an independent safety consulting service.

Whether you are handling hazardous chemicals, transporting dangerous good, or working on energized electrical power equipment, you need regulatory compliance.

Spark Safety Solutions provides industry-leading electrical safety consulting services to help your company understand and champion Standards and Regulations to identify and manage the risks of arc flash and shock hazards to your workers.

We work directly with you in your facility and with your management, supervision and electrical and non-electrical workers to mitigate the risks of arc flash and shock hazards within the application of your Electrical Safety Program.



Need a Customized Solution?

Choose Spark Safety for award-winning, comprehensive, health and safety solutions customized to your workplace. 

Talk to us about your OSHA and electrical safety needs, and we can assist in building a specific solution for you. 

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